Blog: Work-Life balance is a myth!

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Work-Life balance is a myth!

It makes more sense if we can get conscious about 'work-life synergy' than work-life balance.
Work-Life balance is a myth!

My curiosity often leads me to speak with a lot of people and when I interact with professionals across demographics of age, industry, region, country or profession; there is one thing I hear often and that’s- ‘work-life balance’. So with so much of fuss and talks around it, I thought of penning down my thoughts on this.

In my best of understanding, judgment & rational ‘work-life balance’ is a ‘myth’, it makes more sense if we can get conscious about it as ‘work-life synergy’, realization of the same will help us realize that it’s the way forward. Here are the reasons why:

In this VUCA world, balance is a misnomer

When your world is filled with volatile conditions, uncertain variables, complexity in the simplest thing possible and ambiguity on what going to happen next, in such a situation, balance is a myth.  A professional needs to be available to the situation which is on a higher priority and use their best judgment to make that decision. In simple words, a professional needs to find the best way to have a synergy between its personal and professional commitments.

Way forward: Create a clear set of priorities and let them take precedence rather than a fixed mindset. 

In this connected world, balance is a misnomer

When you can be virtually everywhere, anytime for any amount of time, which means the state of exclusive presence at one place has reduced drastically over the past 1 decade. Hence even being in office most people can respond to a situation on a higher priority even when they are in office and vice versa. With interviews done over Skype, meeting done over face time and discussion done over even Whastapp, things have changed a lot.

Way forward: Focus in increasing your value i.e. valuation as a professional at work and provide value time to your family once not in office.

 …and about balance, it's all in the mind

If you genuinely enjoy your work, you will find your own way to not balance it but get in a synergy between work life & personal life. Professional & personal life is not about a balance as anything which needs to be balanced in under high stress, it’s all about doing what’s important and setting your priorities right.

Way forward: As a grown up matured individuals, it’s all about an individual who has to take ownership of actions and outcomes.

All of these boils down to the engagement level of the person both professionally and personally. 

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