Blog: Why should corporate hire Ex-Armed forces personnel


Why should corporate hire Ex-Armed forces personnel

Hire Ex-Armed Forces personnel and employ them in various departments befitting their skills and experience to get phenomenal breathtaking results.
Why should corporate hire Ex-Armed forces personnel

If the companies want to enhance their operational and functional efficiency, they should hire Ex-Armed Forces personnel and employ them in various departments befitting their skills and experience.

What Do The Ex-servicemen Bring on the Table? 

  1. Quick Decision Making – Armed Forces personnel have learnt through their experiences, how to embrace quick thinking and balance out decision making processes with a bit of “risk”. They force a self-imposed deadline and make a decision based on what will make the next step easier. We all know that speed is of prime importance in business and a factor to create a competitive advantage? Many people believe that speed is the enemy of quality. Right to a certain extent, but it turns out to be an excuse to lose momentum. The moment you do, you lose your competitive advantage. As leaders, Armed Forces personnel have learnt how to take quick action depending on how critical the thing is and when it’s due.

  2. Teamwork – Ex-servicemen are not lone wolves. They survived in hardships by counting on their team. Collaborating with their colleagues, they endured unreal deprivations. Working as part of a team is what the Forces teach; doing what is best for the team and caring for one another is what is done in the Forces.

  3. Strong Work Ethics – Through rigorous training and military lifestyle, Armed Forces personnel develop strong work ethics, such as, adhering to a schedule, consistently performing well and demonstrating professional maturity at work. To that extent, Corporate would be happy to replicate such a trait in all of the organization's employees.

  4. Ability to Handle Pressure and Complex Situations – Armed Forces personnel have to continually adapt to changing environments and new responsibilities. Change is ever constant. They learn how to thrive in a variety of situations; think critically and act decisively under stressful conditions and be ready to break complex problems into doable.

  5. Vast Experience – Ex-Armed Forces personnel have skills in areas of critical importance and exposure to a wide variety of functional roles, such as, Operations, Logistics, Personnel, Communications, Data Analysis, Security, Administration, etc. All that Corporate has to do is give them a good orientation, initial training and appropriate resources and thereafter wait and watch how the targets are achieved one after the other.

  6. Target Focus – They come from a culture built for job completion / mission accomplishment. Focusing entirely on achieving targets, Armed Forces personnel know what it means to have something that needs to be done. The fact is that there is no culture in the world that shapes people in the way the Armed Forces do.

  7. Leadership Skills – As they advance through the ranks, the burden of leadership becomes greater and greater, leading larger and larger teams both during war and peace. In today’s environment, Corporate has to decide, how to create a mix of leaders and managers, keeping in in mind that a leader can always become a good manager, but the same may not be true vice-a-versa.

  8. Possession of Variety of Highly Technical Skill Sets – Personnel who come from Technical Services, such as, Corps of Engineers, Corps of Signals, Electronic and Mechanical Engineers, Aviation, Intelligence and the likes, are in possession of highly technical skills, i.e. Computer Security, Computer Networking, Electronic Trouble Shooting, Project / Programme / Contract Management, Security Policies and Procedures, Threat Analysis, Security / Risk Management. Corporate should therefore exploit their talent by giving them opportunities in these areas to achieve their goals and objectives.  
  9. Dependability – Ex-servicemen have passed through trials that most civilians may not have.  They have always been found to be responsible individuals who can successfully carry out their duties for job completion. They learn right from the beginning to be there where they are supposed to be.

  10. Quick Learners – Ex-Armed Forces personnel have a proven ability to learn new skills and concepts quickly. They would burn the mid night oil to ensure they go well prepared to undertake the task assigned to them and accomplish it well within the time frame.

  11. Adaptability – If Armed Forces personnel can comfortably do rigorous work in hostile terrain with no constraint on time and when they don’t know exactly what kind of challenges they would face, their trait of quick adaptability comes into play. Come what may, they go home stress free and that’s what is required in order to come fresh on work the next day.

  12. Perseverance – Why we think our Ex-servicemen make great hires. It is the trait of “Perseverance”. While their bravery and service to our country have been acknowledged by most of us, it’s important to also understand that they demand respect, loyalty and service. This has been demonstrated with stories of our soldiers in war not leaving their comrades behind. This characteristic is the essence of perseverance. It is the idea of being able to push through and keep pushing when the mind and body tell you differently.  Opportunities to hire Ex-servicemen should always be looked into. The talent and perseverance that are exhibited by them would serve companies very well. They deserve our gratitude, respect and perseverance. Let us therefore help them continue developing their talents and to find a place outside of the Armed Forces where they can continue to contribute to our great nation and more precisely, your company.


Hire the Ex-Armed Forces personnel, guide them; give them time to get adjusted to civil life, provide them with opportunities, appropriate resources and get phenomenal breathtaking results!

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