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#DefeatDefeat- Fight with your heart

Hrithik Roshan's latest ad for an apparel brand captures the central lesson that talent teams should try and imbibe
#DefeatDefeat- Fight with your heart

“Every one of us has a demon inside us,” says a pumped Hrithik Roshan in his recent sensational video #DefeatDefeat, “Fight with your heart to win over your mind.” The inspirational video captures in 2 minutes and 20 seconds what makes for the spirit that differentiates successful people from the rest - “the ability to unlearn the demons of the past and breach the threshold of pain.” Within a few hours of its release, the short video has become an internet sensation and is trending across all forms of social channels.

Apart from the sensational star featuring in the video, the video’s content is engaging enough to be literally picked and used in any leadership or employee development workshop across any organisation. While the message itself contains several dimensions of inspiration, here are three of the key ones.

Defeat is not even a real thing- Roshan says that defeat is a state of mind and not even a real thing. In many ways, the statement captures a state of mind which many of us go through everyday. ‘Atychiphobia’ is the term used to describe the abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure. This is the pain of failure that Roshan refers to while describing the demons inside an individual.

What Roshan depicts is a state which many of us experience, a state where we’re so absorbed with pain that we forget our purpose. It is here when we let go and fail. Achievement is, in fact, the state of mind which lies beyond this pain threshold.

Failure is a story we keep telling ourselves- Making every experience different from each other is dependent entirely on how differently an individual can view every new challenge. ‘Unlearn –ing’ the past is central to removing the demons that reside within. In another inspiring movie, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ a fearless leader’s success story is scripted and captured in the following line - “The only thing standing between you and your achievement is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you cannot.” Powerful words, aren’t they?

The global economy is showing several signs of recovery in 2015, and growth will be a key priority for the organisational leadership. Assessing a leader’s risk taking ability will be critical in understanding how suited the leader will be in these times. McKinsey’s latest global leadership survey reveals that “leadership’s risk taking ability” will be central for organisations to gain competitive advantage in a recovering market. In the coming months, this might just be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful organisation.

Vision is what really matters- This year’s PWC CEO leadership survey reveals that the CEO community's most admired leaders come  from across a wide spectrum of leadership styles. The ambassador of peace, Gandhi is as much an admired leader for a CEO as is Winston Churchill. So what is it in a leader that a CEO truly seeks? Upon deeper investigation, the pulse survey finds out that it is really the vision that a CEO seeks in her/his organisation’s leaders. All other essentials-leadership style, personality, function etc.- come in secondary when it comes to making a real impression upon a CEO. How many leaders do we come across everyday with that depth of vision?

Roshan, once again, emphasizes in his video that the only thing relevant is an eye for the goal and how to get there. Everything else is secondary.

What do you think? Has the video inspired you in any other way?

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