Blog: The remote playbook for COVID-19

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The remote playbook for COVID-19

Here is the playbook on how effective & responsible communication and planning may help to overcome productivity-related issues and impediments with spiraling negative thoughts about this uncertain time.
The remote playbook for COVID-19

India is at a crucial juncture in its fight against COVID-19, is working closely on response measures to control and prevent the spread of this infection. With lockdown, streets of big metro cities look noticeably bare as social distancing takes hold. Amid this new normal, with directives from central and state governments, companies have adopted for the work from home policy or have stalled their operations. 

Here is the playbook on how effective & responsible communication and planning may help to overcome productivity-related issues and impediments with spiraling negative thoughts about this uncertain time. 

Tricks for effective work from home

As per various reports, it is evident that social distancing can help to limit the possible spread of coronavirus. With lockdown as most of us are working from home, it is paramount to plan effective work from home schedule. It is important that you start your day with some exercise, Yoga and meditation, etc. Now log-in at work, pen down the tasks, and discuss the listed tasks in a crisp team meeting, monitor progress after a certain time interval. Apart from this, depending upon the nature of work, it is significant that you regularly check the well-being of your stakeholders. 

For effective communications, there are various technology-based platforms for videoconferencing, messaging and collaboration tools that can help in facilitating a seamless remote work schedule. Live video feeds help out-of-office workers see and speak to one another in real-time, keeping employees happy and productive through the lockdown period. Also, hosting employee training sessions virtually helps to level up the field for remote workers, which in turn boosts their efficiency.

While handling your busy schedule throughout the day, don’t forget to maintain hygiene and follow precautions such as washing hands regularly, keep your place of work and devices clean. 

Credible, Crisp and Clear Communication

The key to success at remote work lies in prioritizing communication and making it crisp and clear. Amid the unprecedented pandemic outbreak, people are looking for right answers around the pandemic and misleading information. By being a carrier of right and useful information from credible sources, companies play an imperative role by keeping various stakeholders engaged, informed, and educated to ensure the safety and security of individuals. While on the other hand, as a brand, it is equally important to maintain corporate responsibility and a level of sensitivity in messaging and communication. 

Prioritizing the wellbeing of employees

It is scientifically proven that prolonged isolation and social distancing negatively impact the morale and health of an individual thereby impacting the overall productivity. In this unfortunate time, employers should encourage to practice transparency, empathy and patience with their employees. Inspiring videos and innovative engagement ideas not only have the benefit of directly impacting stress management positively, but they may boost morale by giving employees an outlet to share their experiences and concerns in a structured and guided way.

Such a focussed approach will help companies build better brand recall, loyalty and a better workplace to work with for the employees.

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