Blog: Candidates looking for 'sense of purpose' in their next career move

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Candidates looking for 'sense of purpose' in their next career move

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, candidates today derive motivation and satisfaction by contributing meaningful work.
Candidates looking for 'sense of purpose' in their next career move

Success all over the world has been redefined and is not evaluated based on the money a person is worth or the luxuries they enjoy, rather it is evaluated on the basis of the quality of life they live by doing what they are passionate about, being part of an initiative that would benefit a community or the less privileged segments of society. People are looking for a sense of purpose that is beyond making a living, providing for the family and fitting into society. Today one looks for a deeper and meaningful purpose in life, like – finding inner peace, building stronger bonds, traveling, learning about cultures and finding joys in life’s experiences

The same applies for when it comes to career; money and designation are important factors but are no longer considered the sole factors that define someone’s career choices. Like Stephen Hawking puts it “Work gives you meaning and purpose and life are empty without it” Individuals today are looking for roles which give them meaning and purpose for life.

According to LinkedIn’s – Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidates, Indian professionals are increasingly motivated by a ‘SENSE OF PURPOSE’ in their next career move.

Millennials seem to increasingly derive motivation and satisfaction from contributing meaningfully to endeavors they can relate to. They are increasingly finding more appeal in working for organizations that help them pursue both, their personal and professional interest

  • 55% want a better match for their interest/values
  • 52% are excited about better benefits and perks
  • 45% want to work for a company they’ve always admired

The survey highlights that as recruiters, we need to offer candidates job opportunities that will offer more challenges, growth and have a greater impact on the employer’s business.  Candidates in the survey highlight how they get motivated with a rise in income, however, money may give candidates a brief high, but it’s not what makes them loyal employees.

Candidates look for more information about the prospective employer like culture, work/life balance, updates from current employees on social media that reflect positive updates about the company.

The survey asks companies to be fair and competitive with salaries and to go a step further and understand what would motivate the candidate apart from salary, i.e. 30% non-monetary but meaningful increase to their career.

The survey further highlights the following

  • 62% candidates stay in a job that challenges and improves their skills.
  • For 42% Great Work-life balance pays a key role
  • 37% say it’s the company’s confident future outlook
  • 33% say it is opportunities for growth/promotion
  • 27% say flexible work hours

Having a sense of purpose in one’s personal life, that translates into reality at work is a high motivator for most individuals today and this is becoming defining criteria while making career choices. Have you been able to articulate a ‘sense of purpose” for yourself?

(This blog was first published on LinkedIn)

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