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Talent Acquisition

Changing faces of talent acquisition

With changing times, talent acquisition has revamped completely. Starting from Excel sheet to to HRIS to SAP, talent acquisition has become less tedious and more automated.
Changing faces of talent acquisition

‘Nothing is permanent but change.’ is an ancient proverb. Change is inevitable and people must be adaptable and flexible to accept it. Industries, markets and corporate sector have seen many changes happening in recent times. It is different departments, their functioning that has changed over a period of time. With better employment of potential candidates, departments have become efficient, leading to growing organization, which is responsible for growth and development of India.  

Human Resources is one important function in organizations. It is the HR which is responsible for an entire life cycle of an employee. Starting from recruitment, training, grievance handling, exit etc. HR is involved in all aspects. Human Resources, has also undergone many changes. 

There were times, when recruitment was done though advertisement in newspaper and thousands of candidates would appear for interview, all the processes were physically tracked. With changing times, talent acquisition has revamped completely. Starting from Excel sheet to to HRIS to SAP, talent acquisition has become less tedious and more automated.  

Employees and organizations mutually benefit from each other. Employees are resources, they bring with them knowledge and experience and organizations gives them the platform to exhibit their skills, perform and grow. In the digital age, where talent is available everywhere, modes to find the best talent are many but still finding the most suitable candidate for the job is tough and that is where an expert HR professional is required, who can make the best use of available resources in market.

Talent acquisition today includes, acquisition through job portal, social media, mobile apps, video resume, Cloud storage etc. these are various modes used for talent acquisition and keeping data safe of prospect candidate.

Job Portal: Job portals are not only limited to posting resumes and posting jobs, there are advanced search engines, there is conversion of CVs and its details in Excel format, there is automated mails that can be sent, recruiters can create tags and hire. Pipeline of candidates can be created and automated reminders can be assigned, all these simplifies talent acquisition and speeds up the closure of candidates. There is WebEx training module mailer that is received from such portals to optimize ROI on job portals.

Social Media: Social media is a boom. Connecting with family, old friends, school friends etc. on Facebook gives happiness to many. However, LinkedIn connects us with previous employers, colleagues and prospect employers. In talent acquisition, LinkedIn as a social media plays a vital role.  HR professionals or recruiters can post their openings, they can view the profile of the candidate through LinkedIn profile and can approach them directly. Also, with different premium features, candidates can also approach the HR professionals. This is a reliable source as LinkedIn shows connections, where association with employers of previous employment can be verified.

Mobile Apps : Mobile apps are handy. With the use of mobile applications, a candidate knows if his application is viewed by the employer, is it shortlisted or not. The status is updated through regular notification, which keeps the prospect employee engaged with the recruitment process. HR professionals are aware of the candidate pool which is applying for a position. 

Video Resume: Most of the recruiters, HR professional, use to request for resume in word format, with changing times and new trends setting in, talent acquisition professionals, now request for resumes in video format. The candidate has to record a video for 1 or 2 minutes where the candidate mentions about experience and qualifications in brief and expresses reason for change in job and additional skill set and certifications that are attained by him. 

Data driven recruitment: Talent acquisition, starts with manpower requisition, at the time of manpower planning or at the time of urgent immediate need of business/project. At the time of hiring, available or collated data plays an important role. 

On the basis of available data, Data driven recruitment increases the quality of talent that is hired. It will be based on available data and facts and errors due to halo effect of HR professional or functional head will not arise. Application Tracking System, is one important tool, on the basis of this, the status of applicant can be tracked, who was shortlisted, when was the candidate interviewed, shortlisted or not, all these records are maintained. Error generating factors like influence and impression, that impact decision during talent acquisition can be avoided.

Data security: Data of candidate during employment is crucial information to secure. Cloud storage is the latest data security. HR professionals can keep basic data in physical devices and most crucial and important data can be in cloud storage. 

Human Resources has undergone transition over the last decade, for better. But, due to technology or digitalization, HR professionals must not lose human touch. HR professionals must be there for employees, think about their growth and development and focus on their career betterment. 

Talent acquisition comes with a lot of responsibility. With one employee recruitment, for a senior position, accountability of profit and loss and responsibility of completion of project or revenue generation depends on the employee. For front level position or mid management, the execution of the work or completion of process/operations depends on the employee. 

HR must keep communicating with employees. Technology and digitalization may be used for shortening the process, but the onus of right Talent Acquisition rests with HR and they must carry it out with integrity and sincerity, keeping in view, the vision of the organization. 


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