Blog: Is e-learning a fad or is it here to stay?

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Is e-learning a fad or is it here to stay?

Progress is basically a problem-solving experience, once you reach your plateau you start to think about how you can improve or what is stopping further progress.
Is e-learning a fad or is it here to stay?

If history has taught us anything, it’s that every hype or trend eventually fades away, and people move on to the ‘next’ new thing. However, eLearning is more than a mere trend, it’s the extension of how we learn and teach, and knowledge acquisition has always been important for human civilization even before we could talk. The only thing that changed over the course of time is the teaching methods – as we discovered more about how our brain functions, the methodology of our lectures changed drastically. 

While older teaching techniques were deemed ineffective and were replaced with more efficient approaches, this isn’t the case with eLearning because this isn’t just another teaching method that will eventually be replaced once something better comes along. In this article, we will discuss how eLearning will grow and speculate on what the future will hold, based on the evidence we have so far.   

eLearning will evolve, not vanish

Considering just how effective eLearning is and how much we rely on technology in general, it is hard to imagine a future without eLearning. To abandon eLearning would actually mean to abandon relying on technology in general. Unless there is a huge cataclysmic event that renders our modern gadgets and tools useless, it is impossible to imagine a future where technology is no longer relevant. 

Still, the current model of eLearning is subjected to change, and as far as its future is concerned, then the answer is yes. The chances of the current eLearning model fading away are quite high. There are new emerging trends that are more engaging for the user and eLearning is expected to adjust to these trends. 

Why read about the structure of a cell, when you can experience it first hand by putting on a VR headset. We are not there yet, true, but the current trends show that elearning is progressing at a rapid pace and 

Another reason why eLearning is bound to stick around for a long time because it allows us to advance faster as a society. If you speed up the knowledge acquisition process, you can attain peak performance a lot faster, and push the boundaries even further for the next generation. 

Progress is basically a problem-solving experience, once you reach your plateau you start to think about how you can improve or what is stopping further progress. By overcoming these barriers, we make the world a better place, and we generate new trends in the process.   

LMS will become crucial for talent acquisition

Today, one of the most well-known paradoxes that students love to share over social networks is the so-called employment-experience paradox. Basically, you need a job to get experience, but you also need the experience to get the job. Of course, there are other ways to overcome this issue but eLearning will also be an efficient way of overcoming this barrier. 

Using LMS tools, companies can now train their entire staff and the best thing about it is that this is a low-cost solution. Furthermore, the employees or course attendants have absolute freedom in terms of attendance. Since the courses are stored online, people get to choose when they will attend them. 

You can create all sorts of different programs either for your employees or for students since current LMS tools were created to suit the masses. For example, if you were to use a cloud-based LMS software, you would be able to create online courses, evaluate your students, create analytics and individual progress curves for your course attendants. 

More importantly, these courses support different learning styles, so the employees or students can approach the problem and find the solution from the angle that fits them most. 

Not only will this create more job opportunities, but it will also allow companies to save a lot of funds that would otherwise be invested in individual training, or hiring professionals right from the get go. Basically, eLearning is a game changer, because rather than investing in an individual, you invest in a permanent solution that can be applied multiple times. 

Summing up

Hopefully, this explains why eLearning is not just another trend that will simply grow old. It is a completely new and versatile approach to learning that will evolve into something even more efficient, and it is something we should all look forward to. 

We can create fully optimized courses and cater to all types of learners by relying on this method. The only thing that needs to improve or the only drawback is the lack of human interaction and incentive to work on interpersonal skills, but by implementing eLearning inside the classroom this obstacle can also be eliminated. So, elearning as a trend won’t fade away. It will only become more prominent and grow stronger in the coming years. 

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