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Masterclass: Building Talent Communities

There is also a need to shift from sourcing to an evergreen Talent Acquisition strategy.
Masterclass: Building Talent Communities

There is now a need to reimagine the Talent Acquisition function and build a talent community.


As part of the TA Leadership League, Country Sales Director – India & South Asia of Cornerstone OnDemand, Arun Dhaka joined People Matters on a Masterclass Webinar sharing his insights on what helps talent acquisition get to the next level.

As finding the right talent becomes a growing concern, Arun argued that 63% of the CEOs worry about the availability of skills. When it comes to challenges with regard to talent management, 93% of the CEOs realise a need to change their strategies, whereas 61% haven’t even taken the first step to create a candidate relationship management strategy. So, here exists an urging need to go beyond the historical reporting and see how the predictive analytics and workforce planning by the business is driven in terms of acquisition strategies.

Today there is a war for talent. Candidates are highly driven by company culture, career opportunities and how leadership is viewed in the organisation. Therefore, there is now a need to reimagine the Talent Acquisition function and build a talent community. These are some of the steps that companies can take:

  • ·         Managing the employment brand has become very important. Companies need to reflect as to whether or not the employment brand is relevant and at the same time resonates with the vision of the candidates or not.

  • ·         Disseminate your brand by formulating a social media campaign and reformulate your social media content to candidates; work in terms of its visibility and share-ability.

  • ·         Develop a Candidate Experience strategy that addresses the three pillars of engagement, application process and communication.

  • ·         Create candidate centricity in terms of company reach out to the talent pool. Important enablers here include mobile application and social media.

  • ·         Reinvent candidate communication by engaging and collaborating with hiring managers.

To create a strong talent brand, the CHRO needs to take up the CMO functionality and focus on multi-channel marketing. For this reinvention of social media and mobile strategy will become tactful; it will also be important to see where advertisements need to come in, formulate campus recruitment strategies in Universities and plan how to deal with alumni and the candidates themselves.

Further, there is also a need to shift from sourcing to an evergreen Talent Acquisition strategy. Companies need to focus on creating mobile friendly sites, upload videos, and upload shareable content. Conducting events with candidates, employees and alumni can go a long way not just in terms of talent acquisition, but also in brand creation; leveraging advanced technology such as Vendor Management System, Workforce Planning/Analytics System, Candidate Relationship Management, etc. is imperative in this regard.

The advent of social media has made the traditional way of keeping talent pools together through emails and phone calls out-dated. Companies’ focus on building a talent community therefore needs to be supported from within the organisation, social media development and mobile application. 

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