Blog: What is the impact of technology on talent acquisition?

Talent Acquisition

What is the impact of technology on talent acquisition?

In this article, we have compiled some factors of technological influence on talent acquisition. Through these factors, you will get to know why HR finds it much easier to search for and acquire talent.
What is the impact of technology on talent acquisition?

Since the past few years, it is noticed that technology has mostly reshaped talent acquisition. This is a must-read article, especially for HR professionals who want to adopt the latest technological advancement in HR and recruitment. The process of recruitment has changed now. 

A decade ago, hiring was just about credentials. The candidates were judged solely on their certificates, work experience, and every other tangible thing they can obtain. Today, things have changed completely, and many more things are yet to consider. Assessment of candidates has become more accessible and speedier with the use of internet-based platforms, which assists recruiters to receive applications, sort them out, and shortlist the best applicants. This change has benefitted more and more people to find work at reputable companies, even immediately after their studies. 

How did technology change talent acquisition? 

Opting the correct technology allows better HR functions, which in turn helps the organization to touch its aims and objectives and continue expansion. However, you must be thinking of some things like-  how technology exactly impact recruitment? What has exactly changed in recent years? 

In this article, we have compiled some factors of technological influence on talent acquisition. Through these factors, you will get to know why HR finds it much easier to search for and acquire talent.

Social media influence

One of the fastest-growing branches of talent acquisition is social recruitment. Although it is not a new concept, it has seen substantial growth in the last few years. Human resource professionals know the importance and power of social media. Therefore, they have begun executing it in their process of recruitment.  

Social media is considered to be important as it provides recruitment a very unique,  never seen, informal hue. Recruiters and managers are able to search for more about their candidates, through the information available on social media.

Due to a simplified recruitment process, there's an improvement seen in HR departments' efficiency. They do not have to waste much time on castaway resumes. They have had more time to focus on intra-company matters and create a better environment. 

Nowadays, job advertising has become easier. Companies do marketing via Facebook and Instagram to reach the targeted audience, at the right time and in the right place. The internet-based advertising method, especially for job openings makes it less probable for weak candidates to apply for opportunities.   

Blockchain brings new security

Every organisation is aware of the importance of security but emphases all its resources on protecting HR records. These records are the nitty-gritty for a company's functioning, hence needs be safeguarded. Though traditional anti-spyware and antivirus programs are installed every company's systems, they can't get everything done. Thus, many companies today are making use of blockchain. It also adds transparency to systems. Anyone who wants to access to HR data can do so at any time, with no worries or difficulties of the data being tampered. 

It is observed that decision to change up their security has been pioneering, due to which employing has witnessed some significant changes. With the help of blockchain, the HR recruiters are able to store data of talent management training programs, candidate information, and work performance data. With everything being safe from tampering and theft, HR management can overview their analytical data in a better manner. Also, they are able to make better assessments of their applicants and how do they fit with the company's vision.  

Mobile apps connect applicants with recruiters

In the recruitment process, the most critical and challenging part is conveying information. It is essential to have seamless communication to get to the right people to fill a position. Immediate mediums of communication like phone calls, messages, emails, etc. are good, but often face delivery problems and aren't efficient. Mobile apps are the aid of technology to create better communications channels, and thus, HR recruiters have started using it. 

Mobile apps make the recruitment process much more manageable, with no additional investments regarding effort and resources. HR can directly invite the most impressive candidate for an interview. It also allows better allocation of time; interviews can be much more thorough, and emphasis may be put on character analysis. Gathering resumes, and handling information has become easier for HR departments due to recent technological advancement.  

Big data make things faster

Data keeping has always been a struggling thing for many HR departments. Though they may run successful recruiting campaigns and advertise the job opening, the data is still at risk of being compromised. Big data is amongst the most important technological advancements. Through a bigger influx of data, HR professionals have been able to get a much better picture of their candidates.

Leaders are benefitted with big data as they get to know their applicants' requirement and how to find them. Only a few people realize that big data has capabilities that it is directly responsible for HR professionals accommodating to their candidates' requirements, giving for a much fairer work market.     

Moreover, big data is carefully connected to talent acquisition analytics. Close supervision of a new employee will be done, and his future success can be evaluated using existing analytical data. Thus, it can be said that big data help acquire new talent for your company. 


By now, you must have understood how technology had transformed talent acquisition like never before. With the help of social media and mobile apps, employers are able to reach out to their candidates and promote much more proficiently. With big data, the HR department can obtain much more information. Furthermore, the company's this information and other records are secured, thanks to the capabilities of the blockchain. Well, not to forget! Analytics have also become more progressive, which enables HR people to search for the right candidates and vice versa.

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