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Why great company culture matters

Read below to amplify your culture reach out for attracting the right talent.
Why great company culture matters

When you planned your last vacation, how did you go about shortlisting your hotel(s)? Was the decision based on the room charges or the experience and reviews of customers that the hotels or hotel aggregation sites showed? I bet, you went with the latter. I do the same every time, and it has worked pretty well for me all these years.

In a world, where candidate behavior is mirroring consumer behavior, it is imperative that organizations change the way they engage with the candidates, to transform them into future employees. LinkedIn's the latest report "Inside the Mind of Today's Candidate" reveals that "Candidates want to see your culture in action." The top interview challenge for candidates does not see the work environment, of the next organization they would work for, once they get shortlisted and decide to join.

As per LinkedIn's report, top ways candidates learn about company culture are -

Top ways candidates learn about company culture





At LinkedIn, we take a lot of pride in our culture and talent. Talent is the number one priority at LinkedIn, as we believe that talent attracts talent. Hence, there are multiple ways by which we showcase and amplify our culture to reach out, attract, engage and hire the best talent. Below are the three ways, to get you started at your organization:

Showing the Workplace to Potential Employees

Whenever you are interviewing candidates or organizing a hackathon to hire the best talent, it is a good idea to show them around your workplace, showcasing the culture, teams, and people with whom the candidate could potentially work in the near future. Hiring managers along with the recruiters should own up this aspect at your organization. There is no substitute for experiencing your organization's culture first hand, which could be the deciding factor for a candidate to make his or her career transformation next play.

Showcase Your Culture with Life Pages on LinkedIn

In the second half of 2016, LinkedIn revamped its erstwhile Career Pages and launched the next generation of the same, rechristened as Life Pages. The Life Pages help organizations share their unique company story, giving every candidate an authentic view into their culture with employee-created content, company videos, and photos, blogs, and testimonials, and thought leadership with tailored messaging that they curate and live by.

Unique Company Hashtag Binding All Employees

In today's digital and social world, content is getting generated at an unprecedented scale. It has its share of advantages as well. Organizations today are coming up with a unique hashtag and encouraging their employees to showcase the workplace, culture, and life at their offices. At LinkedIn, our unique company hashtag is #LinkedInLife which is used by employees across Social Media channels, for employees to share what drives them at work. It also leads to hiring great talent for LinkedIn. 

If you are hungry for some more food for thought, then you can read the latest version of LinkedIn's Report "Inside The Mind of Today's Candidate - 13 Insights that will make you a Smart Recruiter".

(This blog was first published on LinkedIn)

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