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Green Learning towards a sustainable work

In the ready-to-deliver Hospitality world, the problem is that usually the transition from the theory in the in-institute hands-on and in-service training at the hotel schools to the practical insight during the industrial/vocational training and on-the-job in the industry takes a longer leap.
Green Learning towards a sustainable work

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today - Dale Carnegie

From a bird’s eye view, I think that a change is expected in the regulatory mindset to allow the schools to adopt new- age- needy than miserly technologies to meet the challenges or realities of disruptive, monotonous and stereo-type particulars; a different direction is beginning to take place. It is true that a lot of other disciplines are approaching the graduates and creating a newer and broader horizon/ventures. As a result, moving to incorporating as many of the technical qualifiers of the graduates result to be the main ingredient of work as in any successful firm; needs a lot of up gradation in terms of syllabus, infrastructure, technology, approach and more on the priority list. And as far as the job-switching to multinationals, BPOs and retail stakeholders are concerned, when they will get centrally managed activities right, they can be formidable competitors when the hotel schools are improving to compete in sync with assessing the customers’ needs and designing appropriate products and services through their education system and in-line graduates.

Committed to the academic environment, the syllabus can be tuned with the concept of the green studies and arousal hypothesis among the soldiers of the organization always stationed at the border protecting the mainland, in the form of a new subject “Sustenance Management” and address the silent warfare of the turnover culture; along with the default set of core and allied disciplines as an integral part of the overall hospitality sector academic activity. This calls for pro-active and practical concern to be taken to introduce this complete makeover, farming to conserve the need of the hour - sustainability as an inevitable companion for the years to come, as a foundation operational SOP.

As for the impact on the service sector, there has been a greater demand for educated and skillful workforce even at the fresher / entrant level. The problem is that usually the transition from the theory in the in-institute hands-on and in-service training at the hotel schools to the practical insight during the industrial/vocational training and on-the-job in the industry takes a longer leap. This means the effectiveness of the transition is not sufficed.

Given this huge increase in the manpower supply with the mushrooming of little, registered, unregistered, private, government, international hotel schools and the categories can go on; the big question for the hotels is the containment/ absorption into the mainstream due to disillusion of the management’s direction or underutilized skill of the manpower.

But this is where opportunity comes. The hotel industry wants the hotel schools to identify the key sectors that will be important to make the transition to greater sustainability share of the industry and the shared services is the result of efforts and means (both institutional and organizational also referred to as risk factor), definitely better career quality to the internal customers and service quality for the customer (both operational and strategic planning) through the most variant measures, though difficult to measure.

Some famous definitions that identify the concept are the provision of utilizing energy effectively, such that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. When we talk about leading workforce of any strata, there is no set guidelines or structured as the difference in the procedures are indispensable. The sustainability theory gauges the performance of the current players some influential; for the war for talent, morphing into the growing tons of jobs and recognize the need and what’s good for the concerned firm. 

The need is the increasing awareness of the environment responsible behavior to implement energy efficient management systems in tech and manpower; starting their basics at the premier hotel schools in our country.  It is the intervening of core issues to create a comprehensive knowledge bank for the hospitality graduates.

Carving the budding talents enables them to see operations in a greener dimension to reach a goal of energy independence throwing weight on the importance of the natural resource, the prime one being the doer himself. This has a great potential yet unexplored to the extent required as on date. It is on the shoulders of the facilitators, mentors to create the condition for sustainable innovation and greater productivity. With an approach to perform, more so to evaluate the performance of existing resources; leading to improvement and sustainable governance to evolve positively in the world where attrition happens to be the biggest challenge.

Hotel schools, therefore, have to gear up in concern with the new lessons learning. The momentum of change has risen to a state where you need to capture on the job-hoppers and recreate the talent pool, through the input module, to create a better work-life integrated pasture. 

But more important is to cultivate the new age sustainability of energy education. Like many hospitality operational audit we are better effective energy advisors for energy which is replenishable within a human lifetime, taking care of the environment- the green attitude. To term a greener world we at the grassroots’ level of the molding process in the hotel schools must impart the essential contributors of optimum utilization of resources including the attrition rate and concept GREEN, to the asset tally of the hospitality arena; harvesting to be made mandatory in exceptionally all hotel schools to offer and counsel the transition probability matrix to the near future hospitality professionals.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.- Anais Nin

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