Blog: Book Review: Ultimate guide to a Digital Workforce Experience


Book Review: Ultimate guide to a Digital Workforce Experience

The book is filled with inspiring reflections, insightful stories, and actionable ideas to drive a call-to-action.
Book Review: Ultimate guide to a Digital Workforce Experience

Jason Averbook’s new book could not be more timely written. The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience presents CHROs, VP of HR and HR Technology leaders with answers to redesign the future of work and adapting to the demands of the business and the needs of the employees. His previous book, HR from Now to Next, used in over 19 universities, is another must-read for HR professionals looking at raising the bar on their impact to the business.

Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Leapgen, and a global thought-leader in the space of future of work. A renowned keynote speaker in the best HR & business shows across the world, Jason was our keynote at People Matters TechHR India last August. Jason’s message of change for HR is urgent, authentic, passionate and optimistic. You will get another chance to meet Jason and get a signed copy of his book at People Matters TechHR show in Singapore on the 28th of February 2019.

The Ultimate guide to a Digital Workforce Experience provides a step-by-step roadmap to set the foundation for HR digital transformation: data, digitization process, moments of truth and skillsets required for HR to lead this transformation. “Our workforce has a better experience in almost all aspects in their life than what we provide them at work,” shares Jason in his foreword, “throwing a bunch of technology against the wall and hope it will stick will not work.” The book provides a guide structured to take the reader through a process of learning of creating a vision and strategy, learning how to execute it, and how to sustain it for the future.

Averbook’s Formula: 20/25/45/10 - Mindset/People/Process/Technology

Of course, the starting point needs to be a clearly articulated digital workforce strategy, and this must bring together inputs from all stakeholders and will serve as a compass for decisions going forward. What’s interesting is Jason’s formula to be successful at implementing it: 20% mindset, 25% people, 45% process, and 10% technology. Here is the exciting part that the most significant weight is given to process (and data) for any digital transformation to be successful.

Jason brings to the fore that technology is changing HR’s job forever and two of the parts of the equation of change are ready: employees are ready, and technology is ready. Mindset needs a shift to bring workforce experience at the center, and HR needs to be ready to demolishing broken processes that not align to that experience. 

    Jason Averbook, Co-Founder & CEO, Leapgen at People Matters TechHR India 2018

Mindset: Point of Departure

The foundation of success will be moving HR away from the center and placing the worker at the center of the visioning exercise. Jason calls it “pursuing the paradigm of consumerization of HR,” providing a seamless experience inside and outside the organization. Build the vision with the employee at the center and be ready to break anything that does not resemble what you have articulated in the vision. 

Critical Foundation: Process & Data

We experience personalization everywhere in our lives, movies, songs, books, but not in the workplace. “The better the data you have, the higher the level of personalization you can deliver,” shares Jason. Data is the foundation for a process that can provide the experience you have envisioned. Jason’s definition of “experience” is the “transaction” that needs to occur (any transaction in the life cycle of the employee) along with the “interaction” that occurs when the transaction happen. How do we make each interaction frictionless and aligned to the vision we aspired to achieve – every time! 

The book is filled with inspiring reflections, insightful stories, and actionable ideas to drive a call-to-action: Focusing on your people is the starting point to reimagine how your process can serve them best! A must read for any HR leader aspiring to extract maximum value from technology advances, following Jason’s formula is a guarantee for success!

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