Blog: Juxtaposing Technology and Humanization of HR


Juxtaposing Technology and Humanization of HR

Technology has empowered HR with time and resources to do more

As cold mechanical businesses are constrained by the obsolete 9 to 5 work paradigm, their progressive counterparts are starting to reap benefits of 24X7 connections. When I call them benefits of connections, these are not limited to the scale and cost of HR operations; they are great enablers of the global workplace.

Visualize following workplace scenarios:

1.   You urgently need a proof of employment while your HR partner is away on sick leave.  But of course, you can access Employee Self Service module and pull out the letter that you need!

2.   On your day one in the workforce you walk in with many questions about workplace behavior, business writing and so on. Sure! Your employee credentials are available and there’s a single sign on all web applications. You log on to the Learning Management System (LMS) and navigate through five minute AVs to find most answers.

3.   You feel that you have mastered the current job and a new role would add as much to your profile as it would refresh your mind. You can easily visit the internal job openings page and explore opportunities.

Clearly, the above are examples of workplace efficiencies backed by technology in HR. But more importantly they are examples of decentralization, learning and openness at workplace. They summarize the impact of HR technology on employee experience.  

If the point of contention is diminishing personal contact between HR and employee, there are more ways than one to look at it. Most processes at workplace can be technology enabled freeing up HR staff’s valuable time that was earlier spent in error prone manual transactions. Like others, technology has empowered HR with time and resources to do more—more for employees as well as for the organization. There is not a better time to talk about humanization of workplaces. Increasingly, humanized workplaces will be the ones that look for technology designed for people, offer information in real time, foster communities,  support demand learning, provide freedom to work whenever and wherever and allow communication that involves a two way process. 

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