Blog: Preparing for Gen Z to join the workforce


Preparing for Gen Z to join the workforce

Gen Z want to reach things in fraction of clicks while on-the-move

Gone are the days when HR in India was only into operations, providing manpower supply and documentation, and was treated as just another support function with no buy-in in view of top Management. Today HR is one which is treated as one of the most important business drivers in making profitable business.  Organizations have realized the sense of having competing manpower, flexible work options, focus on work-life balance to achieve highest productivity and the tag of ‘Most Preferred Employer’.

2015 has brought many revolutionary changes for HR to work towards employee-centric policies, on-the move technologies to connect with Gen Z employees anytime, anywhere.  Indian companies have realized the need of the hour is to introduce technology in HR so to connect with Gen Z and remote employees more easily so as to operate more efficiently.

Gen Z millennials are highly intellectual and more focused in giving deliverables and maintaining work-life balance. They want to reach things in fraction of clicks while on-the-move. While organizations are still struggling with demanding customers and sustaining their position in competition, preparing for Gen Z is another big challenge for them.

Initiatives which every organization should bring to attract Gen Z and make work environment friendlier are:

1.       On-the move communications:  HRMS is been considered as one of the most advanced and essential tools for HR to connect with their employees. Giving access to HRMS on their mobile is very essential wherein employees can get any information related to their performance/objectives/HR policies/payroll information/company mergers & acquisitions, etc.

2.       Choose your own role:  Organizations are offering job role not as per requirement but as per interest of millennials, roles are being designed & offered.

3.       Association with many employers: Millennials prefer to work with several corporate to gain more exposure & experience so employment with multiple employers is the future which all corporates should be open to.

4.       On-the click information:  Millennials prefer to get communication over one Click so organizations are expected to get an advanced technology, for instance, getting application status/interview results over an App,  measurable objectives & result deliverables, assignments from work-from-home, etc.

5.       Extended family benefits: Millennials prefer to have good-work-life balance so organizations are expected to walk an extra mile to engage them by offering comparable jobs to spouse in case of relocation, kids care & schooling, extending medical benefits to senior family members, etc.

The major Challenge which will be faced is stability and generation gap along with wisdom and guidance so that this generation can make a positive impact and a difference for their future generation.


 So are we ready to bring our focus in making work-flexi environment for Gen Z employees? So, let’s Start working towards what we can offer & walk an extra mile to attract this generation. 

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