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Boss Vs Leader

Do you prefer being a boss or a leader? And what do your employers think?
Boss Vs Leader
  • Do you work for a boss or a leader? 
  • Are you a boss or a leader?

These two questions are very important since how you view both (boss and leader) has a lot of effect on how you work. There is a lot of collaboration, teamwork, dedication, hardwork required for a successful business, and the right guidance will help everyone steer to success. In the last decade, leaders are considered to be the people who are engaged with employees, build the brands, love to take criticisms, solve problems with employees, and also look at managing employees in a much better ways than how 'bosses' do it. Thus, over the years, professionals are far more connected with a leader than they are with a boss. It's more of a mentor and the mentee relationship than anything else. 

In this video, we see the difference between a boss and a leader.  So which one do you prefer? 

Enjoy the video!

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