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For HR, of HR, and by HR

It's serious business when you are in the HR department, and this video tells you how and why?
For HR, of HR, and by HR

Christmas is here, and you are getting ready to usher in X-Mas in style -- starting from the office party. You received your party invitation from HR, right? Aren't you glad that it's been taken care of by them? That's their job, isn't it? Cracking HR jokes is an everyday habit which we all do, perhaps. But have you ever wondered that HR is the solution to all your office-related problems? From the time you join an organisation till the time you leave for another one, HR is intrinsically involved with your activities at work. From solving your leave application problems, to understanding the office policies, to dealing with your paycheck discrepancies, you need HR help at any given point. This video by Put Chutney looks at all such problems in a funny way, only to show that HR is just not a fun department to be in. But it's time we look beyond stereotyping HR and understand their real worth. Enjoy!

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