Blog: Men & Women can never be equal


Men & Women can never be equal

It’s time we put this debate of men-women equality to rest. Women are, and would always be superior to men. There is no question of equality here.
Men & Women can never be equal

Its true! How can women and men be equal? I lark when people converse about gender equality, something that I have never understood in my entire life.

How can we even compare both the genders? That’s like comparing Sachin Tendulkar with Shahid Afridi (Sorry Sachin for putting your name besides Shahid). 

The point I am trying to make with my statement about men and women is – one is far superior to the other.

I want to share my story about 3 very powerful women in my life. They have all played an imperative part of making who I am today or rather they are still playing that part.

My mother, who ensured I am raised as a boy who has his morals and values rightly in place. She worked very hard to financially support our house, managing the family along with raising me with utmost care.

She inculcated in me the value to give respect to women and also to be self-dependent. She taught me the importance of keeping people around us in good thoughts. It’s because of her invaluable teachings that I am able to take right decisions in difficult situations. She dedicated her entire life for our family’s success, and sacrificed her own hobbies or any dream. Even today, if you ask her what’s that one thing that she wants to do or see in her life, the answer is always to see her son achieve something. If I know anything about management, she would be the practical teacher of it.

Both my parents have immensely supported me in all my endeavors in life, but my mother has gone beyond her personal likings & dreams to make me successful. No matter what I do, I can never do enough to thank her for what she has done for my family and me.

My best friend & wife, who weaves her professional and personal life around my happiness. While her achievements would be great, she always shows how important are mine. No matter how hard or bad day she has had at work, she makes mine look more important. She thinks about family first in every situation and gives up her likings against mine to make every moment joyful for me. She too manages her professional and personal role beautifully. When she comes back home, the transition from professional to personal is like click of a button, something that I can never do.

My boss, colleague & friend, who has taught me so much in life. Every day I get to learn new things from her. That never-say-die passionate attitude in life is what makes me think about her as one of the most powerful women I have ever known. A woman who manages her challenging professional life like any successful person can dream about. The way she takes care of her children and dedicates time for them along with managing so much in life is commendable. Her ability to ask the right questions and her fearless attitude towards life is worth applauding. It’s fortunate to have worked with her in early part of my professional life. You know every person dreams to have a boss who can be like your colleague and friend, one who will strive to make her team and colleagues successful, that’s her.

She once said to me that there is no problem in this world which does not have a solution. Since then, I have always looked for solutions and never thought about any problem as a roadblock. Being a Spanish national who came to study Masters in India when she could not speak or write English -- shows her fearless attitude. She now runs one of the most powerful business publications in the human resources space, which she started from her home basement. So much dedication only a few can show. I am glad to be in the company of one of those few.

All three stories might not be very different than millions of others in the world, but the amazing and impossible selfless efforts can only be done by women. Let us all men accept that women are far superior then we are. I have had the fortune of working very closely with great women colleagues and let me say this on record, I can never come close to the level of dedication they have.

So it’s time we put this debate of men and women equality to rest. Women are, and would always be superior to men. There is no question of equality here.




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