Blog: Santa Claus’s secret management strategy


Santa Claus’s secret management strategy

This Christmas eve, let’s look how the man in the red suit manages the almost impossible task in the shortest span of time with perfection – a lesson that managers, employees need to know to be successful at their work.
Santa Claus’s secret management strategy

No one’s busy like Santa Claus during Christmas, or for that matter anytime in the year! Imagine the workload: In one night, he has to travel around the world, his eight reindeers pulling his sleigh, making wishes come true by gifting presents to children the world over, and making everyone happy. This impossible task is done by Santa Claus without any glitch year after year. When it comes to managing in a diverse environment and meeting difficult deadlines, nobody does it better than the man in the red suit.

So what’s Santa Claus’s secret strategy?  

Santa Claus has a big ambition – to deliver gifts to children around the world in the shortest of time – his endurance to carry out this difficult task is what makes his leadership and management skills stand out. To achieve something, leaders need to manage time, teams, and deadlines. Santa knows this and is superbly successful at it. 

Santa’s focus on the job is something employees should take note of. Even in the craziest of schedules, where he has to keep in mind about the diverse, and sometimes impossible situations, Santa remains focused on what he has to deliver. As managers, employees we need to find ways to keep our focus intact even in the toughest of situations. Understanding the importance of your job, however miniscule it is, but the work will have a domino effect on the overall business. So, shoving small work is not going to help, rather doing it on time will ensure good returns.

It is essential for managers to have a positive attitude which transcends to the team and others at work. Santa is known to have a positive attitude about his work as well as towards his team. He is inspiring enough to be able to extract the same work from his elves and reindeers year after year.

Creating a business plan is a sure shot to success, and no one knows better than Santa. He has his list of gifts ready, plans his way to distribute gifts, and those are loaded in the sleigh much before 24th eve. It is necessary for managers, employees to follow a similar plan for their work. 

Santa Claus knows that it’s not just his hardwork which is the reason behind his success, but an effort from the entire team of Mrs Santa Claus, Reindeers, Elves and many more! His appreciation to the team is what makes him stand out as a true manager.

Are you the Santa Claus of your team? This is the right time to begin.

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