Blog: The sky’s the limit for Hillary Clinton!


The sky’s the limit for Hillary Clinton!

Can Hillary Clinton be the next POTUS? All in all, as a woman, more so as a working woman, I do support her.
The sky’s the limit for Hillary Clinton!

I would like Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the USA. 

I have taken a keen interest in the US presidential race – the fact that a woman can be the next POTUS makes me want to support Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly, and the other fact that I am a temporary resident in the US, however, makes me a little interested in the topic.

So all in all, as a woman, more so as a working woman, I do support her. 

But this is not about what I think. This is more about Hillary Clinton, a woman who has dared and bared all – whether it was Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. 

It’s like Hillary has risen from the ashes. And I truly think she has. She is the one woman who I think working women in particular, are looking up to. When she accepted the Democratic nomination to lead a presidential ticket, Clinton declared “When there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit."

And it is actually about the ceilings that women need to break. And for the first time in America, although a very progressive nation, the ceiling has been broken. I personally feel that a woman has more emotional capability to take charge – to feel what others feel – and when this integrates with the physical capability that is provided externally, there’s no stopping a woman. Whether its law making, being cognizant of the daily life struggles of both women and men, and especially understanding what it takes for a woman to be a ‘professional’ and a ‘woman’. 

But what does women leadership translate into? Is it always successful?

If one looks at the current list of women leaders in the world, there’s only a handful, and for nations that are well not like the USA or the UK; these nations are Brazil, Africa, Switzerland, Croatia, Argentina, South Korea. This is out of 196 nations of the world. It’s deplorable. And I think this is chauvinist. But why is the situation like this? Is it about women leaders who are unable to fit in or manage the power, or is it about the men who cannot take orders from women?

In an article ‘Women and the labyrinth of leadership’, authors Alice Eagly and Linda L. Carli, mention the case of “Kim Campbell, who briefly served as the prime minister of Canada in 1993, and described the tension that results: I don’t have a traditionally female way of speaking….I’m quite assertive. If I didn’t speak the way I do, I wouldn’t have been seen as a leader. But my way of speaking may have grated on people who were not used to hearing it from a woman. It was the right way for a leader to speak, but it wasn’t the right way for a woman to speak. It goes against type.”

And such instances can be found everywhere, at all levels. 

But now with Hillary Clinton coming to the fore, I think the world might just get more open to having women leaders. And it is for men to realize that women do have more capability to balance things – whether family or profession.


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