Blog: Which colour are you this Holi?


Which colour are you this Holi?

Some like red, some like blue – check what the favourite ‘Holi colour’ has to say about your colleagues at work!
Which colour are you this Holi?

Some like red, some like blue – check what the favourite ‘Holi colour’ has to say about your colleagues at work! Ready to smear colours on your colleagues today? You are prepared with your arsenal of colours – red, pink, yellow, blue, green, and greasy colours. So Neha likes the colour red, Jaya likes pink and Rishabh likes green – this likeness to smear a particular colour on someone else tells you the kind of colleague they are to you. 

Find out about your ‘colourful’ colleagues here:


Signifies energy. The colour exudes everything that is motivating. Colleagues who love to smear red ‘gulal’ on you have revolutionary spirits with leadership qualities. These people are confident and strong-willed and make great colleagues to shy and introvert employees. They promote ambition and determination. However, they will have a dash of anger in them which comes out unannounced. 


So pink is your favourite colour this Holi? You are intuitive and have insightful knowledge about things around you. Employees who like pink are usually warm people to be friends with. They are not aggressive, they have the magic to calm hostile colleagues as well. When these colleagues are around you, they do give out this sense that everything will be okay. People who love this colour usually seek appreciation, respect and admiration. However, they don’t like to be taken for granted.


Someone at your office is making everybody go blue this Holi? Well, he/she is a great communicator, public speaker – especially when it comes to speaking out the truth, you can vouch for them. They are highly intelligent with a bent of spiritualism. And whenever you need help regarding any office-related issues, just go to these people – they are the ones who will help you with project deadlines, late-night snacking ideas, or even going out of their way to finish work for you.


Everybody will tell you, if you love green that is, you are a big environmentalist. But wait!  Employees who will smear you with the colour green are typically good listeners, counsellors – they bring out hope, they are optimistic, and generous. They are good observers and their impeccable in taking decisions based on those observations. They usually have good judgement of people and work. Do you see a particular colleague who stands for all the things for charity? Ask them his/her colour – you will be surprised to know its’s green! 


The one in your team who comes up with weird but intelligent ideas are the ones who will love to cover you in yellow! They are practical and have a great networker. If you want help with regard to getting in touch with professionals and even outside work, they are the ones to depend on – such is their networking skills. They are great to solve mental challenges – analyse things on every aspect and methodical in nature. They are revered because of their clarity of thought and ideas. However, they can get highly critical of people at times. 


Did you just get smeared orange all over your face? You should be lucky to have a person who loves the colour orange. Why? These people are great when it comes to difficult time during work or even economic crises. They are the ones to come up with solutions, and also will keep the employees motivated with their insights. They are great risk takers and adventurers inspiring people around them with confidence and independence. They are very good in social communication and can stimulate anybody anywhere to walk the talk.

Go and get all the colours and paint your office red/blue/yellow/green/orange/pink – but do it because ‘bura na mano, It’s Holi! 

People Matters wishes you and your family a Very Happy Holi! 


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