Blog: Why Trump victory is good for India?


Why Trump victory is good for India?

The verdict is out. Donald Trump is the 45th President-elect of the United States of America. Lets delve into the fact, what it actually means for India. Read on to know, what it doles out for us:
Why Trump victory is good for India?

Who would have thought that the winning slogan of Modi would actually do wonders for President Donald Trump as well? Yes, not long ago we saw, Donald Trump in a TV Ad saying, ‘Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’ (This time Trump Government). This was done, in a bid, to woo Indian -American vote bank in US presidential elections. 

The historic judgment came out today with a clear victory of 276 votes in favor of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton just bagging 218 votes. This unexpected result came and trump claimed victory against all odds, polls and projections. Still, unbelievable but true, the news is sinking in slowly as we see Donald Trump delivering his victory speech at the Hilton Hotel in New York City cheering up his crowd of supporters. 

Looking forward, let’s look at, what it brings for India in particular. During the US presidential elections, Trump cited 15 –point agenda that could impact India and its economy to some extent. 

Here is a lowdown of favorable implications that India can face:

Better Indo-US relations:  Recently, one can see the rise in strength of right- wing movements in many developed nations. So, success of Donald Trump and right-wing nationalism in the United States comes as no surprise. Alike, Modi Government is also right-winged party. Trump’s firm stance against terrorism is exactly what India needs right now, in the backdrop, considering the recent Uri attacks. Therefore, one can assume good support to India against Pakistan and China.

Skilled Indian workers to benefit: Majority of skilled workers in US are Indians which cannot be replaced by US workers. Clearing the notion, Trump is against illegal immigrant workers as they pull down average American wage by working for less money for non-skilled jobs. He is pro –Indian skilled workers and against Illegal immigration. 

Big Investments to flow in: During his election campaign, Trump seemed to have done enough to ruin American ties with Mexico and China. Outcome of which is that, they are beginning to loose investments because of increasing labor costs. So, India is likely to be the next favorable investment destination for President-elect Trump. 

So, contemplating over some of the encouraging signs of the past, when Trump visited India, before his presidential elections, he fully supported Modi Government and vowed to bring in huge projects and Investments to India. Let’s wait with bated breath and see what unique opportunities the new presidential victory brings in for us. 

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