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Bach Flower therapy for Wellness @ Workplace

Besides managing and healing mental and emotional conditions, Bach Flower therapy also helps in managing physical ailments that are caused by suppressed emotions like allergy, arthritis, gastritis, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and hyperglycaemia, among others.
Bach Flower therapy for Wellness @ Workplace

In September 2019 Economic Times reported that an alarming 42.5% of the employees in the private sector of corporate India suffer from depression or some form of anxiety disorder. Studies also indicated that two-thirds of people who had suffered from depression faced prejudice at work or while applying for new jobs. 

The business impact of such a crisis is predicted by The World Health Organization. It estimates that India will suffer economic losses amounting to a staggering 1.03 trillion dollars from mental health conditions between 2012 and 2030.

What worsens the situation is that in India, mental health issues are even bigger taboo than in the West. The stigmas attached to mental illnesses ensure that people sweep things under the carpet and suffer in silence instead of speaking out and seeking help. Studies shockingly show that 71% of Indians still use terminology associated with stigma and prejudice to describe mental illnesses, drastically reducing the above statistical estimates.

The study was conducted before the pandemic. With the pandemic and related drastic changes in the economic scenario and resulting working conditions, the state of mental health at the workplace has further deteriorated. There is a scurry of service providers offering fitness programs which help in releasing happiness hormones, only to temporarily numb the effects of the illnesses causing further delay in their diagnosis and treatment. Some are offering stress relieving programs like yoga and meditation, the regimen of which is being adopted by a few. The rest, especially those affected, are in no mood to subject themselves to complicated routines. In addition, reports of damage being done by unsupervised meditation, not guided live by any expert, have started trickling in. The affected predominantly therefore is resorting to psychotropic drugs, some under medical supervision, others self-medicated. Exposing themselves to a host of toxic side effects including getting habituated to these chemicals.

In the early to mid-90’s the world of alternative medicine witnessed as revolution with Dr. Edward Bach, a Harley Street physician, discovering Bach Flower Remedies. These are subtle liquid extracts of flowers, wild trees and bushes, used to uniquely address profound issues of mental and emotional well-being. The 38 remedies along with millions of possible combinations are being used currently in over 70 countries world over. They are quite popular amongst the elite in the West and beginning to be popular in India, particularly amongst the sensitive, health-conscious individuals. 

Bach Flower remedies contain no bio-chemic component and are purely energetic in nature. The remedies can therefore be used for complementary therapy alongside any other course of treatment with no danger of side-effects, overdosing or contra-indications. Being vibrational in nature, the remedies are safe and gentle and can be used on babies, expectant mothers, children, adults, elders, pets and even plants. 

Besides addressing day to day issues and restoring harmony, Bach Flower remedies address and heal most mental health issues the like addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, grief, isolation and loneliness, low self-worth, mental exhaustion, PTSD, sleeplessness, stress, suicidal tendencies and trauma, among others, prevalent at the workplace. 

Soon after its discovery, therapists, healers and even homeopaths started including Bach Flower remedies in their practice. Gradually, this gave birth to the practice of Bach Flower therapy – an evolving discipline that is aimed at healing individuals, irreversibly, from the root.

Besides managing and healing mental and emotional conditions, Bach Flower therapy also helps in managing physical ailments that are caused by suppressed emotions like allergy, arthritis, gastritis, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and hyperglycaemia, among others.  

Bach Flower therapy heals systemically, nor organically, as most other systems of medicine do. The therapy heals the individual, not the illness. This calls for knowing the patient deeply and extensively, through interviews, which forms the essence of the practice of Bach flower therapy. While the mental and emotional condition of a patient serves as a gateway to delve into depth, the therapist, through a process of structured inquiry, identifies deep-seated blocks in the patient and heals them using a combination of remedies, layer by layer, often healing the innermost limiting blocks and beliefs. Thus, transforming the lives of individuals, eventually.

Bach Flower remedies can safely be used for self-healing. However, as Bach Flower therapy heals in layers and works with combinations of remedies, customised to individuals’ personality and emotional map, it is advisable to consult a therapist, go through a complete therapy and get the combination that suits, prescribed, for healing from the root and even personal transformation.

Time has come for companies to consider having in-house Bach flower therapists and / or those on-call to timely address day-to-day as well as chronic mental and emotional issues amongst employees. Undertaken proactively, Bach Flower therapy can ensure sustained harmony, not only ensuring employee wellbeing but also having a more productive workforce.


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