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The future-ready HR professional

Future of work is one of the biggest challenges facing the HR function. With new jobs being created, and business models being re-designed to tackle a new era of business where data and human touch will be critical, HR professionals will need to actively partner with the business. At a time when digitization and automation are challenging traditional HR jobs and roles, this content campaign is designed to give you expert perspectives, tips and tools to become a future-ready HR professional. How do you build a strategic orientation as an HR leader? What the personal skills and capabilities you need to develop to become an effective leader? What do you mean by transformational leadership? And how can you effectively support them?

3 tips to get organization redesign right

3 tips to get organization redesign right

With companies today finding themselves in a need to adopt new business strategies to survive, we take a look at some factors which ensure its success.

Dhruv Mukerjee,
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