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Bouncing back from crisis with a highly self-aware workforce

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
― C.G. Jung

In response to an ever-changing business and work environment, organizations are seeking new ways to gain a competitive advantage. Business and HR leaders wonder: What shifts in strategy, focus, and investment will be required? What skills and expertise will lead us through all-encompassing change?

The future is uncertain and the challenges are many. However, what is certain is that people, and their magnificent and irreplaceable human skills, will never be obsolete. It is time for organizations to unlock the human potential, identify these human skills, and use self-awareness techniques to help build a better tomorrow for both the workforce and the organization.

To help organizations enhance the self-awareness journey for their employees, People Matters and Insights have curated an exclusive campaign #Discover&Lead. Through articles, case studies & webinars, we will explore how self-awareness can be leveraged as the strongest tool by employees and organizations to lead in the present and the future of work.

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Designing personalized behavioral learning roadmap

Designing personalized behavioral learning roadmap

While business and talent leaders realize the importance of behavioral skills, they often find it difficult to identify them and cultivate them among their workforce. Here’s how organizations can design personalized behavioral learning roadmaps.

Drishti Pant,
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