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In the agile business ecosystem today, acquiring and retaining quality talent is critical to addressing the imbalance that is being created by growth and advent of newer technologies. Businesses are changing at such incredible rate that companies are looking forward to new “all-stars” to help them sail through these disruptions by their adaptability and competence to view businesses and problems through an entirely new perspective. Architecting Future Talent, a Manipal – People Matters initiative is an endeavor towards bringing together the talent acquisition and learning & development community to focus their thoughts and ideas on hiring and developing the future talent of India. Throughout the campaign, we will bring powerful conversations and ideas in multiple formats including Webcasts, Online panel discussion, dipstick study and much more.


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Evolving nature of talent management

Evolving nature of talent management

Utilising collaborative software, expanding communications media, and opening up channels for two-way conversations have been some crucial ways to foster healthy engagement.

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