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Evolving Roadmap’ of a Hybrid Workplace

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Over the last several months, we've had the opportunity to examine the evolving hybrid workplace in greater detail - from emerging challenges in communication, navigating a blurring work-life balance and transforming employee experience.

What has been central to re-organizing work during this time is technology. It's led to the decentralization of the workplace, a cultural shift, and new skills sets that will be central to the future of work. Most leaders feel technology will be a key enabler in sustaining work and in defining a 'return to work' strategy.

Beyond wellbeing measures that are needed to tackle mental and physical health, there's a need to architect the human connect that will ultimately enable employees to outperform in a hybrid environment. This calls for a greater focus on learning, leadership and superior employee engagement.

In this season by People Matters & Skillsoft, we will capture the ‘evolving roadmap’ of a hybrid workplace.

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