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The ‘now and the next’ of digital acceleration

While digital acceleration at the workplace has been on the business agenda for a while, the pace of acceleration has intensified in a hybrid world of work.

The hybrid workplace demands new business priorities – From accelerating innovation in a remote working world, to enabling teams to succeed in a mostly digital set-up. From sharing the resources that employees need to upskill and reskill themselves to enabling the right technology platform to engage and retain learning that can be mapped to jobs and skills.

In this quarter-long campaign, we will look at the various aspects of how learning technology is accelerating the mandate for digitization. Leading experts from different industries will reflect on their efforts to move learning to a future that’s going to be hybrid.

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Bridging purpose, learning, and business impact

Bridging purpose, learning, and business impact

As companies navigate a new (emerging) world of work, new opportunities are opening up to reconstruct and reimagine work in a post COVID era.

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