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HiPos in the DIGITAL Age

In its 6th consecutive edition, Right Management & People Matters enthusiastically hosted the HiPo week again with a fresh perspective. While in the first year, we covered the initial stages of HiPo programs including the identification and nomination, to communication, to development programs and measurement; the second year focused on the perspectives of the different stakeholders (CEO, CHRO, program leaders, HiPos); third year presented how to design and customize HiPo programs with the goal of optimizing investments to create leaders by 2020, in the fourth edition we explored how HiPos can enhance the Employer Value Proposition by actively taking on the role of a Brand Ambassador. And last year was a double click on the impact of HiPo programs and to assess if the rubber has really met the road. Taking this journey forward, this year the focus shifted to the impact of digital disruption on the definition of HiPos, nurturing digital competencies for them to thrive, non-conventional HiPo program designs and much more. Digital disruption in organizations, as most leaders think is not about technology it's about People. In the rapidly changing business scenario, one can't succeed by adding technology or processes which might have led to success in the past and not working on people transformation. Hence, the talent needed to successfully steer these new businesses and attract customers is undergoing a paradigm shift. While the talent leaders grapple with the challenges posed by the digital disruption, a critical talent pool that should be the stepping stone while re-looking at the talent in digital age is the High Potentials (HiPos). Engage with an exciting learning on how will the role of HiPos evolve.


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Here's why 'Digital Quotient' is a must for HiPos

Here's why 'Digital Quotient' is a must for HiPos

For years, there has been talks about digital disruption and digitization.

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