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The Hybrid Workplace

Preparing for the ‘flexible’ future of work

The future of work is now clearer than ever before. As companies adapt to new workplace models – one that will be part remote and part on-site, they will need to relook at their talent processes, strategies and policies to keep up with the changing talent demands.

From attracting the right candidates, to boosting the experience of in-house employees, there’s a need to remodel their workplace systems and create new best practices.

Through this campaign, in partnership with Zimyo, we will look at the various ways companies can re-strategize their workplace practices – through expert virtual panels, articles, webcasts, and newsletters.


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How AI will reshape the future of HR

How AI will reshape the future of HR

While multiple areas of HR will be reshaped by AI and machine learning, there’s a need to understand the true potential of the impact to make the right HR technology decisions.

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