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Welcome to Let's Talk Talent - Season 8!

Let's Talk Talent is a platform on Modern HR Seasonal focused on India relevant insights. It is a joint initiative of People Matters in association with Oracle. We are delighted to announce the launch of a new season on ‘Work Made Human’

The use of advanced technology is transforming the world of work. Transactional work is no longer going to be the norm as AI-based technologies take over the workplace. Work is going to become simpler, smarter and more agile. Keeping the human element in this seamless mesh of men and machines would be the biggest challenge of the HR fraternity.

This means that the job of the HR professional is no longer just restricted to filling in for a task, it would be far more creative. And talent leaders need to be able to identify the right issues to craft the right interventions.

In this season of let’s talk talent, we take a look at ‘how’ technologies are enhancing the human element in HR to drive business results and changing the role of the modern HR professional.

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Augmented talent management

Augmented talent management

HR professionals will need to make the most of modern technology to enhance employee experience.

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