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From tactical to strategic, from effort-intensive to error-free, from enforced to engaged, from human to superhuman - evolutions in HR have always helped organisations thrive, accelerate and slingshot their growth. Especially so, when supported by practices and technology that bring together, connect and empower every single rank and file in the organization. The role of HR today has evolved to enable a SmarterWorkLife and handle more strategic pieces of the business like Employee Experience, Performance & Productivity, Rewards & Recognition, Workplace Transformation, Talent Sourcing & Retention. With the advent of evolution of HR Practices and evolution of Technology. In this joint initiative of People Matters in association with Darwinbox, we take a look at new-age technology solutions and break-through HR practices to give you all the ammunition you need to make a difference and unleash a universe of smarter possibilities in HR. If you wish to contribute kindly contact


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Prioritise your work-life balance!

Prioritise your work-life balance!

You must have probably reacted to these concerns by giving rational excuses such as “This will help me get a promotion” or “If I put longer work hours my boss will recognise my efforts and so on.

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