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Winning in the ’20s

Winning in the 20s

In the coming decade, companies will increasingly need to compete at the rate of learning. Technology promises to play a critical role: artificial intelligence can detect patterns in complex data sets at extreme speed and scale, enabling dynamic learning. This will allow organizations to constantly adapt to changing realities and surface new opportunities, which will be increasingly important in an uncertain and fast-changing environment.

So, what does it take, then, to keep pace in today’s environment, one in which we are expected to pivot repeatedly toward new ways of working?

There are three immediate challenges that need to be prioritized to keep up with the changing world of work:

  • Widening skills gap
  • Skilling vs Learning– What’s more important
  • Business-led skilling

The campaign, Winning in the 20’s, by People Matters and Disprz, is aimed at supporting organizations to reinvent themselves as a next-generation learning organization.


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Skilling technology workforce post-pandemic

Skilling technology workforce post-pandemic

To be relevant in the post COVID era, tech teams need to move beyond technical boundaries and have a more human-centric approach. Read on to know more.

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