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Toolkit for recruitment marketing

Todays businesses need to do more because they cant find good candidates. This report focuses on arming the recruiters with new skills to proactively identify the best candidates.
Toolkit for recruitment marketing

Finding the right candidates involves engaging candidates socially and enabling them to explore employment opportunities and providing a painless job application experience, according to Forrester's report on "Transform The Job Candidate Experience From the Outside In".Recruiters today need to not just be experts at marketing and branding, they should also be social media savvy and be aware of how to apply insights from analytics.

This report focuses on arming the recruiters with new skills to proactively identify the best candidates. Two key platforms enable recruitment success: talent relationship management (TRM) and applicant tracking software (ATS). When integrated together, these platforms enable corporate recruiters to find, attract, and process the very best talent quickly and efficiently.  This report will help HR professionals understand the features of ATS and TRM and how they address the complete talent acquisition process.

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