Download: Talent acquisition best practices - Powering the recruiting strategies

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition best practices - Powering the recruiting strategies

An easy & comprehensive handbook for Talent Acquisition professionals. A compilation of ideas of more than 300 HR leaders and best practices in the Talent Acquisition space, this book can provide solutions for the talent acquisition challenges.
Talent acquisition best practices - Powering the recruiting strategies

The term ‘Talent Acquisition’ has extended to realms beyond just getting the right talent. It is today about the long-term impact of the talent you hire and involves novel approaches that the organization employs to manage that talent.

This is the new era for talent management and acquisition. From enhanced diversity initiatives, to unique ways of candidate assessments and changes to benefits and Rewards and Recognition, organizations are actively transforming and devising unique practices to manage talent.

The talent acquisition function is trying to create a new playbook for the new times, and the new workforce. In 2013, People Matters Media started the first TA Leadership League, which provided insights into the best talent acquisition practices and challenges – and after completion in the third year, we have aspired to cover these insights in this TA book. This book is a collection of the identified Big Questions or Challenges of the TA function and their most appropriate solutions.

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