Event: 3 Must Do’s For Developing Leaders

  • When: Friday, 13th Feburary 2015, 11:00AM to 12:00 PM
  • Who should attend: HR Leaders, Talent Management Heads, L&D Heads, Senior HR Leaders

Have you ever wondered or being questioned on why your leadership development programs don’t yield the expected outcome or why do such programs fail?

DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 has uncovered a few insights on what the real world scenario looks like globally. In our upcoming webinar we would like to leave you with few tips on how to avoid such failures.

During the webinar we will explore three questions and how organizations are incorporating the three must-do when developing leaders:

- How to use competency models to align programs that drive strategy and culture.
- How to prioritize implementation details that deliver the most impact.
- How to put into place lead and lag measures to sustain and prove results.

Join us in this webinar to know the 3 Must Do’s For Developing Leaders.


Anu Zachariah

Anu Zachariah

Managing Director, DDI India

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