Event: Assessing Critical Thinking as Core Workplace Competency

  • When: Friday, 23rd April 2021, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm IST
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, Senior HR Professionals and Managers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought sweeping changes across business and life. Across business especially, surviving through the tough phase brought to the fore an entirely different skill set that was desired before it hit. No more were recruiters and companies depending on those age-old skill sets that they were looking for in prospective candidates and employees. In every industry, a major churn took place which called in for a revamped skill set. As per the World Economic Forum, Critical Thinking has emerged as a key skill required by employers in this time of rapid technological change and information bombardment. 

As organizations embarked on fluid teams, fluid work models, there has been a greater demand for critical thinking and creative solutions to tide over the many challenges posed by the pandemic to normal, day to day business. 

In this webcast in association with Pearson, join us to know how can organizations assess this skill and what implication does it have for the future of work

Here’s what we will discuss-

1. Why Critical Thinking has emerged as a key skill required by employers

2. How do you define and identify Critical Thinking skill in prospective employees

3. How can organizations assess critical thinking ability using the Watson-Glaser-lll test

4. The impact this skill can have for recruitment, selection, and the future of work.

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Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens

Head, TalentLens UK

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