Event: Back to Basics - Hire for Attitude and Train for Competencies?

  • When: Wednesday 23rd July, 2014 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, Head - Talent Acquisition, Recruitment leaders and Senior & Middle HR Leaders

Twangout is a platform that integrates Twitter and live video stream from Google Hangout. Here the questions will be on Twitter, while the answers will be through the live video streaming in Google Hangout.

In a dynamic scenario like today, sometimes choices have to be made between skills & attitude – tough decision! This twangout will revolve around talent assessments and the key to which kind of roles do Knowledge, Skills or Attitude have primacy.

This session will help in answering questions like:

  • Skills Vs. Attitude - Can they be treated as equals?
  • Attitude can’t be learnt but it has to be from within (it’s a mind-set)
  • Training for competencies -
    1. Defining what are the existing competencies vice-a-vise what are the required competencies
    2. Can training help fill the gaps in the competencies? If yes, then how long will it take?
    3. Are there any differences between leadership and Managerial competencies?
    4. Cost of Investment Vs. Cost of Hire Vs. Cost of Vacancy
  • Talent assessment a Process approach or a customized way forward?


Dhruv Desai

Dhruv Desai

Sr. Vice President & Head, Angel Broking

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