Event: Beyond Standard Tax Deduction : How to boost employee retention and motivation?

  • When: Tuesday, 15th May, 2018, 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM
  • Who should attend: Senior HR Leaders, HR Leaders & Heads, Senior Managers & Managers

A recent study on Employee Tax Benefits by Zeta, states that 92% companies providing tax benefit programs do so to keep their employees motivated.

With every employer accounting for the Rs 40,000 Standard Deduction built-in tax deduction, as per the recent budget, how else can employers motivate and retain their employees? How can they offer a competitive take home salary? And deal with concerns on managing costs and employee choice?

Here are a few discussion pointers that will be covered during the session:

1) Is Standard Deduction a good thing or a bad thing?

2) Do I need to relook at the pay structure post the introduction of Standard Deduction?

3) What can I do to make salary structures more lucrative?

4) Do employee benefits offered really motivate employees?

5) Findings from an Employee Benefits Study, commissioned to Nielsen

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Ankush Agarwal

Ankush Agarwal

Director, Zeta
Ester Martinez

Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters Media

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