Event: People Matters: Talent Acquisition Conclave Mumbai 2015

  • When: Thursday, 30th July, 2015 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
  • Location: Sofitel BKC, Mumbai
  • Price: Rs. 10,500 per participant. Early Bird Discount Fee - Rs. 8,000 (inclusive of ST) till 17th July
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, Recruitment Heads/ TA Leaders and Senior HR leaders

The Talent Acquisition Conclave will focus on "Redefining The Quality of Hire".

With the changing economic conditions, India Inc has started to show positive trends in hiring across all levels and so has voluntary attrition. Recruitment has become even more complex, difficult, and strategic than ever before. How does the recruitment team steps up with these changes? The possibilities that recruitment professionals have at hand are numerous – reengineered recruitment, new tools, new models. The Talent Acquisition Conclave will bring together some of these answers and more.


Session 1: The future of Recruitment Technology
<ol style="list-style: none;"> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can social hiring be leveraged beyond LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook?</li> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>What other technologies present great opportunities for the recruiters?</li> </ol>
Session 2: Empowering Big Data the BIG way
<ol style="list-style: none;"> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can predictive analysis help you improve your odds of great quality hires? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>What are the real opportunities that Big Data presents to improve the recruitment processes? </ol>
Session 3:The Recruitment Ecosphere
<ol style="list-style: none;"> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>What are the new age sourcing mixes for hiring? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can technology enhance the nitty-gritties in a recruitment process? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>Importance of Assessment in recruitment and how this helps in finding the Right Talent for Right job <li><strong>&bull; </strong>Why is it important to have an exclusive background screening for the Leaders? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>What are the key attributes for final ne
Session 4: Employer Branding & Employee Value Proposition
<ol style="list-style: none;"> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>Are you appropriately segmenting your talent pools? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can you tailor their bait to attract their best prospects? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can you differentiate your organization’s value proposition riding on candidate experience? </ol>
Session 5: Understanding the Recruitment Jargons
<ol style="list-style: none;"> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>What are some of the different terminologies used in talent acquisition function </ol>
Session 6: Engaging Campus Talent the social way
<ol style="list-style: none;"> <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can organizations stand out? What are the things to be kept in mind while recruiting millennials? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>How can technology enable engagement with students all-year-long? <li><strong>&bull; </strong>Even when the hiring has been completed, how to maximize conversation through the process of ‘Hire-offer-onboard’? </ol>

For more information contact…

Ravi Bisht / Neha Nagpal
Ravi.bisht@peoplematters.in / neha.nagpal@peoplematters.in
9582200745 / 9650422363
0124 4412 306


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