• When: Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 3 PM - 4 PM IST
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, HR Directors, HR Managers, HR Consultants, Learning Enthusiasts

The pandemic has surely changed how we work and where we work from. Has it also changed; How we learn? Given the new realities of remote working and digitization becoming a key necessity for every business, how will organizations enable learning in the future? And what products and services will help organizations stay ahead with their learning curve? And the million other questions that go along with it.

In this webinar hosted by People Matters and myLearn, we help leaders find the answers to this question and get a guide to design more impactful and ROI-effective learning interventions.


Key Points/Takeaways:

     What is the path for digital learning in organizations currently? Is it the next step in learning evolution? What would it look like moving forward?

     What are the different digital tools and methodologies currently available for organizational learning?

     How can organizations leverage tech platforms & content to accelerate their organizational learning?

     How can organizations measure learning outcomes and effectiveness?

      ●     What is contextual learning and how can organizations enable it? 

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Nikhil Chandra

Nikhil Chandra

Founder & CEO, myLearn

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