Event: Tweetchat on Leadership Roadmap — From today's HiPERs to tomorrow's HiPos

  • When: 3rd July 2015, 05:30 PM – 06:00 PM
  • Price: Complimentary
  • Who should attend: CEOs, CHROs, HR Heads, HR Directors, HiPo Program Managers and all stakeholders of HiPo Program

Leadership Roadmap — From today's HiPERs to tomorrow HiPo's

HiPo programs are critical for organizations to identify and nurture future leadership.  For achieving business success, organizations need to equip their high potential employees to accept and manage unprecedented changes when transitioning into complex leadership roles.

Within the pool of Hipers (or High Performers) there is a potential talent that can also become HiPos. Creating a holistic approach to talent differentiation can make a huge difference in terms of retention, engagement and ultimately productivity of today's HiPERS and tomorrow’s HiPos.



Q1) What are the ingredients to make HiPo selection process inclusive and transparent?

Q2) What are the different approaches enable the management of HiPo’s careers?

Q3) How can HiPo’s career management be made relevant to both the organization and HiPos themselves?

Q4) What are the differentiated reward systems that can complement HiPo programs? What are their pros and cos?

Q5) How can an organization keep HiPERs engaged and motivated while running successful HiPo programs?

To be part of this Tweetchat please use the hashtag #HiPoWeek and tweet your answers to respective question number (e.g. Q1/A1)

Join us for a Tweetchat on Friday, 3rd July, from 5:30 to 6:00 pm to explore how to make HiPo programs work in alignment with rest of talent management programs.


Rohit Thakur

Rohit Thakur

Managing Director - India Geographic Unit HR Lead, Accenture

For more information contact…

Ritu Chaudhary
0124 4412 316


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