Event: Data Analytics: Sharpening HR decisions

  • When: Friday, 12th December from 3:00pm
  • Location: Twitter
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, TA Leaders, L&D Leaders and Senior HR Professionals

Analytics is an efficient dashboard that generates insights on the employee base. These dashboards speed up the organization’s ability to make quick and informed people decisions. From hiring to engagement, reward to attrition, Analytics sharpens the decision-making process.

In this Tweetchat we will try to find out the answers for some of the most important questions related to data analytics:

1. What is the one big reason why an organization needs analytics to make decisions?
2. In what areas does analytics help an organization make better people decisions?
3. Is there any natural maturity path for using analytics tools; how can an organization start translating intuition into an analytical tool?
4. Is there a size or scale an organization needs to reach for investments in analytics to make sense?
5. What is the core skill an HR professional should develop to effectively use analytics and Big Data?
6. What is the largest myth about predictive analytics today hindering its adoption in an organization?

To be part of this Tweetchat please use the hashtag #HRAnalytics and tweet your answers to respective question number (e.g. Q1/A1).

For more information contact…

Ritu Chaudhary
0124 4412316


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