Event: Webinar on EMOTION - the essential tool to evaluate and develop soft skills

  • When: Wednesday 19th of April 2017, from 02:00 PM to 02:45 PM (IST)
  • Price: Complimentary
  • Who should attend: CHROs, HR Heads, HR Business Leaders, HR Managers, Team Managers

Today’s highly diverse and hyper-connected work environment demands optimal performance with effective communication and a rapid adaptability to change. 67% of these essential skills for optimal performance are governed by Emotional Intelligence (D. Goleman).

Emotional intelligence is the ability  to perceive and effectively manage one's emotions and those of others in order to act accordingly.

After four years of scientific development, Central Test has launched a new version of its Emotional Intelligence Test: EMOTION. The assessment will allow you to measure 15 traits specific to emotional intelligence that are adapted to the challenges of current work environments.


This webinar will help you learn:

1. What are the emotional and relational competencies needed to quickly adapt to a new and diverse work environment.

2. How to use EMOTION as a recruitment and development tool.

3. How to design training programmes based on EMOTION.

4. Tips on how to recognize and manage your emotions as well as others.

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Sonal Khaira

Sonal Khaira

Training and Consulting Psychologist, Central Test

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