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HR Magazine/ 2020/ April

Talent in times of crisis

Talent in times of crisis

The April issue attempts to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving pandemic and the implications for their businesses. We have featured our own study – ‘People Matters Guide on COVID-19: Rethinking your strategy on people and work’. We have touched upon the legal aspects of COVID-19, the cybersecurity concerns emanating from it, how HR policies are being redefined across the region, lessons from connected countries like Singapore, and leadership in the time of the pandemic. Also, several interviews including Elliot Vaughn, MD & Partner, BCG London; Bernadette Wightman, MD - Banking & Financial Services, BT; Kim Warmbier, Chief People Officer, Sabre; and Jan Frydrych Executive Director - HR & Admin, ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India

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