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HR Magazine/ 2020/ August

Performance and Rewards in the New Normal

Performance and Rewards in the New Normal

Businesses globally were in a turmoil when the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading its wings throughout the world. They faced unprecedented challenges to adapt to the changing environment. Employers’ top priority became employees’ safety and business continuity. But now, as we slowly move toward the post-pandemic world, the business and HR leaders are looking to reset workplace and people policies in the new reality of work. Businesses are increasingly realizing the dire need to focus on employees’ feelings and state of mind to ensure productivity during this tough time. When almost everyone is working remotely, it becomes crucial to ensure that the right talent is retained and engaged and that they follow the most relevant performance management framework. The cover story of the August issue delves deep into the new performance and reward metrics that organizations should consider, to help businesses make the right decisions as they move toward the new normal..

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