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HR Magazine/ 2020/ September



The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis with devastating effect on health, economy, and society across countries. It has brought to fore the susceptibility of millions of employees and businesses across the globe. The impact of the pandemic on the labor market shows alarming effect on workers and businesses worldwide. Between April-June 2020, the world lost almost 400 million full-time jobs due to the pandemic, according to statistics released by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on June 30th, 2020. The highly uncertain recovery in the second half of the year will not be enough to go back to pre-pandemic levels, even in the best scenario, warns the ILO. So, in the post-pandemic days, there may be jobs that get lost forever. On the other hand, there are some jobs that can become more important than ever. In fact, a new category of jobs may emerge altogether in the post-pandemic days. The September issue attempts to analyze the current job scenario, its implications for businesses, and the way forward. It also looks at the future of jobs –-skills, leadership traits that will be in demand, and more.

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