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HR Magazine/ 2020/ November

The State of Digital HR

The State of Digital HR

The pandemic has not only caused an economic downturn for businesses, it has also impacted HR practices and the overall role of HR departments across organizations worldwide. However, with the pandemic altering the way we work, it also offered the possibility for HR and talent leaders to accelerate to digital and enable their workers to stay productive amid all this chaos. In fact, the crisis has also forced digital transformation initiatives of organizations to fast-forward into the future of work where tech innovations especially remote technology solutions have become a must-have. The cover story in this issue takes a look into the current HR landscape and how HR and talent leaders are demonstrating agility by taking the lead to remodel their talent management systems with next-gen HR tech such as people analytics, talent acquisition tech, RPA, AI, etc. in across functions including recruiting, onboarding, upskilling, performance management, and employee well-being.

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