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HR Magazine/ 2021/ February

Shifting Paradigms in Performance Management

Shifting Paradigms in Performance Management

It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture. Long before the pandemic, top-notch organizations were already debating the relevance of conventional performance management systems and embracing adaptive approaches that are based on a continuous process with periodic checkpoints to facilitate a transparent and merit-based evaluation of work that is employee-friendly. In fact, successful organizations around the world had steadily started replacing their traditional ranking system with innovative performance management solutions. Given the current environment, businesses must reinvent how they manage the performance of their employees that triggers the right behaviors in the remote working world, delivers on investment, and develops processes that result in desired business outcomes. So, how should organizations recalibrate their productivity and performance yardsticks? What should be the key components of the new framework of performance management at a time like this? How should you define and measure productivity amid changing business priorities? Our cover story attempts to throw light on the new paradigms of performance and productivity management in the current reality.

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