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HR Magazine/ 2021/ May

Empowering ‘Experience’

Empowering ‘Experience’

The COVID-19 pandemic forced talent leaders globally to rethink one question — are your workers truly satisfied? Or are they just keeping the wolf from the door because of a difficult market? And the result is evident — the new workplace is more human with organizations clearly shifting their focus inward. We have seen a sharp rise of people-first cultures, and humanistic work ethics across organizations globally. While most organizations did a decent job of taking care of their workers' needs including well-being during the initial days of the pandemic, the needs are shifting as several studies find. Moving forward, HR leaders will need a sophisticated approach in terms of offering tailored responses to employees' challenges and manage workers' overall “experience”. The May 2021 issue of our magazine attempts to find answers to several questions around EX in the current world of work. How are organizations devising new EX programs and ensuring the engagement of their workers? How do they measure the impact of their EX initiatives, and many more?

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