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Workplace 2022: Achieve Your Aspirations

Workplace 2022: Achieve Your Aspirations

2022 opens on the slow gradient of recovery. The crisis of the pandemic may not be over, but businesses and economies are coming back to a better middle ground: learning not only to live with the exigencies of the situation, but better yet, learning the adaptability and resilience to respond successfully to change. This year may not be a year of growth, but it's surely a year of acceleration – acceleration of the positive changes that have been building momentum throughout the crisis.

This month, we bring you predictions and projections for the trends that will dominate the coming year. We hear from Obed Louissaint, Senior Vice President of Transformation and Culture at IBM; Charise Le, Chief Human Resources Office of Schneider Electric; Betsy Sutter, Chief People Officer of VMware; Ravi Venkatesan, the former Chairman of Microsoft India; and more. We examine hot topics such as the employee value proposition during a talent shortage, skilling to fill the talent gap, and the critical issue of well-being.

We have the opportunity to launch 2022 on an optimistic note. This year, let's look towards our aspirations for work and the workplace.


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Big Interview

It’s time to embrace the skills-based model of talent pipeline: IBM’s Obed Louissaint

We need to radically rethink the way we have been hiring - how we source talent and how we evaluate them, says Obed Louissaint, SVP, Transformation and Culture, IBM, in an interaction with People Matters.

Cover Story

Empowerment and trust is the way forward

Charise Le, CHRO of Schneider Electric, talks about how her company is advancing a strategy of trust and employee empowerment: giving people autonomy over business decisions, career choices, and how they manage their own work.

Special Feature

The future of work: Top trends for 2022

What emerging trends will define work, the workplace, and the workforce in 2022? We bring you our forecast for the coming months.

Expert Column

Managerial skills in 2022

2022 will be another year of digitalisation, deeply affecting managerial roles. What skills do budding and growing managers need to stay relevant through this year and beyond? Executive coach Y Shekar lists four critical capabilities.

Rapid Fire

Bala V Sathyanarayanan, Chief Human Resources Officer of Greif, Inc.

If your business is not succeeding consistently, what has your HR transformation achieved?


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